Technology systems should be useful and grant freedom to an organization besides being productive.

Creative Strategies
(Consulting: Services)
Creative Consultating

Need some fast help with ideas or a way to break your creative block? MVMNT Creative Strategies is happy to help. Although we mostly deal with technology based solutions, use our brain power for any creative roadblock. Events, promotions, scipt ideas, MVMNT will help.
Knowledge Management

Tacit knowledge. Human capital. CMS. We remove the buzz words and work with your organization to find the knowledge management solution for you.
Social Media Integration

Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, LinkedIn, etc. . . MVMNT will help you understand the impact Social Media has on your business, employees and customers.
Technology Consultation

With design and development background, MVMNT can handle your life cycle management for technology solutions. Not even sure where to start? Contact us and we'll walk you through every step.